September 2022 Reseller Spotlight: Reciprocity Thoroughbreds

Spotlight on:
Reciprocity Thoroughbreds
Business name: Reciprocity Thoroughbreds
City and State: Aledo, tx
Facebook: Reciprocity Thoroughbreds
What is your primary focus in the equine community?
Our primary focus is finding lovely OTTBs and transitioning them to new careers by giving them the proper transition through correct training.
How long have you been buying/selling OTTBs?
4 years
Do you put retraining on them? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process you like to take?
Yes! We love retraining these young OTTBS. Each and every horse is slightly different but in general they come in and we do a quick free lunge to assess soundness and determine if they need some down time or if they are ready to go into retraining. We will typically put a handful of rides on them, starting on the buckle just giving them a chance to get in front of the leg before teaching them to accept the contact. Once we feel a solid line of communication has been created with the horse, we will typically jump them lightly to see their potential. After that they either find their new homes quickly or continue on in their training with us!
How/why did you choose OTTBs?
I originally purchased my first OTTB in college as a project to retrain and sell to purchase a nice young event horse (warmblood likely). Thankfully, I fell in love with the breed and being the broke college kid that I was at the time, I quickly realized that sinking a ton of money into a warmblood that could get injured or colic, etc.,  just didn’t make much financial sense.  Also, my OTTBs were being just as competitive and honestly just so much easier than the young warmbloods I was training for a lovely breeder at the time.
Is there one horse in particular that you would consider to be the most special one you have ever had? Can you tell us a bit about that horse?
Yes of course. I’ve had many but the one who really changed my life was Reciprocity. That’s who I named my business after. She was a young mare my business partner Abbie Driscoll and I had purchased as a project type.  Abbie used her to assist in therapy sessions as well. She named her Reciprocity due to the meaning of the word and how that was so relevant in our lives. She was a spicy little mare but she gave 110% every day, even when I wished she would have given less haha! I ended up falling in love with her and buying Abbie out of her half. The mare had re lit my desire for competing again, and had sparked a fire in me. She evented through Preliminary with me before I took a break from training and became a full time missionary, which is when I sold her. Unfortunately she passed away a few months later and that just broke my heart. I felt it was my call to come back home and continue to train and care for these awesome animals. so I did, and 3 years later I’m blessed to run a super successful resell program all because of her.
Do you have any specific goals for any of your horses that you would like to share?
My personal horse Shelbenie is a kill pen rescue. My goals with her are just to continue to produce her in both the jumpers and eventing and see what she has in her. I highly suspect this mares talent is limitless but we will see!
What do you think about the OTTB United App?
I love the OTTB United app! As a seller it gives me an easy platform to list my horses (with their prices, unlike Facebook) and to update it quickly and efficiently, verses a website that would be much more difficult!





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