July 2022 Reseller Spotlight: Schulte Sport Horses

Spotlight on Schulte Sport Horses

Business name: Schulte Sport Horses

City and State: Wichita, Kansas

Website: http://rhirasmusseneventing.com/

Facebook: Schulte Sport Horses

Instagram: @schultesporthorses10


What is your primary focus on in the equine community?

My focus as a reseller/ trainer in the equestrian world is to source and place horses to appropriate jobs. I try to give them the foundation to be set up for future success and match them to the right person to ensure them long and healthy second careers.

How long have you been buying/selling OTTBs? 

I have been around ottbs my whole life but started buying and selling on a small scale in 2015.In the last few years I have  really started investing more time into the buying / retraining/ selling process and turned it into a full time gig.

Do you put retraining on them? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process you like to take? 

Most of the time yes, though I have had a few sell before being restarted. It all depends on the horse, in some cases if I think the horse needs some let down time I will do that, and then later on start with ground work before under saddle work.

However I feel the majority of the horses I see coming off the track really thrive in a structured routine/ program and for those horses I like to start right away. In the beginning I always like to have the horses thinking forward and moving in front of the leg. We do lots of long hacks and riding out in fields, and gradually start asking for a bit more, and eventually starting them over fences if they have the confidence and balance for it. We also go on lots of field  trips, so the horses really get accustomed to hauling and tying at the trailer, as well as riding in new atmospheres.

How/why did you choose OTTBs?

I grew up working at a Thoroughbred breeding and training facility in NJ. I really fell in love with the breed during my time there. I have rode lots of horses but OTTBs are definitely my horse of choice. They are tough, have great work ethic, and natural athleticism. OTTBs will give it their all once they know their job.

Is there one horse in particular that you would consider to be the most special one you have ever had? Can you tell us a bit about that horse?

There have been so many incredible ones. However the one most near and dear to my heart is Vic Tories. He was also my 2021 TB Makeover horse. Vic Tories came off the track as an 11 year old war horse  after a long and successful career. I just love that horses personality. He is very serious about his work!

What do you think about the OTTB United App?

I love the OTTB United app. It’s something that as a seller has made listing horses really easy and a way you can reach a targeted group of potential buyers. The app is user friendly and has lots of great features (such as search filters) that  as a buyer makes shopping for exactly what you are looking for a breeze.


July 2022

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